• Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Short-term backfill, where strategic direction is needed, for Brand Management, Consumer Insights, and Project Management roles
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Market Evaluations (category summaries and competitive landscape assessments)
  • Consumer Strategy (consumer target recommendations, communication channels, and archetype creations)
  • Consumer Research (Focus Groups and Ethnographies)
  • Co-Creation (development of new ideas with client teams and consumers)
  • Innovation Pipeline Building
  • Knowledge Synthesis (synthesis of existing reports and data into an easy-to-understand format)
  • Team Facilitation (team building & communication workshops)
  • Laughter Yoga Sessions

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Client Feedback

“I have been working with Ida for a few years now and she is one of my most valued strategic partners. In addition to top-notch research & ideation competencies, Ida is a strategic thought partner. She digests various data points as background and works to build off of that foundation. She synthesizes all the sources and is able to provide a sound strategic recommendation and various tactics that support the plan.” –Director Global Consumer Insights, Pfizer

“Ida has been a consultant to NCT and its portfolio companies in various roles. We have always been impressed with her insights and ability to add value.” –Founder & Managing Partner, NCT Ventures

“Clear and provocative. Breakthrough.” -Creative Agency Director

“We have never had this level of deep insights on our brand- ever. This work has been magnificent.” -Senior Brand Manager, Pfizer

“I have worked with Ida in the U.S. on some exciting and innovative opportunities that are being developed in New Zealand. Ida is brilliant and in a class of her own. She is a great thinker and communicator, and she has this natural ability to generate momentum with groups of people. Ida’s involvement with our team has been extremely valuable and we look forward to collaborating with her in the future.” -AgResearch & Innovation Team

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ida on a brand equity strategy for the Ohio Business Week Foundation. Ida is a true professional who knows brand strategy, equity and architecture. An expert researcher, Ida analyzed our organization’s position in the marketplace by crunching data from our stakeholders, competitors and trends. Ida is both creative and analytical. She knows how to develop catchy and creative taglines as well as tactical and targeted messaging. Ida has added unquestioned value to our marketing team.” -CEO, Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio & Previous Executive Director, Ohio Business Week

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ida on several projects and have always been impressed by her knowledge and expertise. She is not only incredibly talented, but is also thoughtful and detail oriented. She brings the unique perspective of having been on the client side during her time at P&G and is able to apply that perspective to other brands. I highly recommend Ida and look forward to working with her again in the future.” -Director of Creative Development

“You kept the consumers (and us) on-task and moving along. There was a lot of ground to cover, but we got thru it. You are very high energy and efficient, and you kept us going to the goal.” -Research Director, P&G

“Can’t wait to have you back at the Ranch. You’re on our preferred facilitator list!” –Client Services Director

“Great objective listening and capturing insights- diplomatically but firmly ‘pushing back’ on us on consumer issues till we heard it.” -Research Director, Clorox

“Love that you put rigor into the service of imagination.” -Creative Agency Director

“We hired Ability to Engage to facilitate a team offsite. Our facilitator, Brinson, was a fantastic leader and someone who helped not only keep us focused on our objectives, but also challenged us to think strategically. Ida was such a pleasure to work with as well. She worked closely with me to ensure that all of our needs were met. She was creative, collaborative and flexible and someone I enjoyed working with.”

-VP of Corporate Communications, VivaKi

“Working with Ida is an absolute joy. Equally adept in brand strategy and creative problem solving she has a purposeful curiosity and is always thinking further ahead. As an innovator, problem solver and innovative pioneer I strongly recommend Ida to you.” -VP of Design, PepsiCo

“Ida is an intelligent, driven, hardworking, passionate, professional who knows how to think big, stay focused, and never quit.” -VP of Marketing, University of Michigan

“Ida is a unique market research professional that can seamlessly manage the immediate needs of the business with an eye toward the brands future. Her innovative approach and game-changing methodologies keep teams grounded, engaged, and inspired. I’ve had the pleasure to align myself with Ida on several occasions throughout my career. Ida has served both as my mentor and go-to marketing and branding strategist for client projects. With the highest trust in Ida’s advanced expertise in branding and marketing, I was able to utilize her assistance with several projects, which she executed flawlessly and with a creative edge. Ida is unlike any professional I’ve ever met. She is a natural at what she does because her brain is wired to do so. Pair that gift with her ambitious work ethic, and you’ve hit the gold mine. Some people are truly gifted as entrepreneurs and marketers, and I believe Ida has these gifts. You would be honored to have the opportunity to work with her. She will change your perspective and I am confident that she will leave a lasting impression on any project she touches.” -Marketing Assistant, Vitamin Health